• 26Jun
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    caymanA few months after the release of the new range of Cayman and Boxster, engineers from Porsche are already running a test mule of the next generation of Porsche Boxster and Cayman which is due for release before the end of 2011.

    The production goal is set to coincide with the end of contract between Porsche and Valmet Automotive of Finland so the new models of the range will be delivered under an agreement with the Austrian firm Magna Steyr.

    The bigger wheel arches of the sheet metal gives out a hint that the Porsche Cayman may be using another platform suggesting of a wider track. Looking forward, the new car will be bigger than the current version with improvements on its dynamics and handling.

    The test car is in the early stage of development with the roll-cage still very evident from the spy photos. It might be too early to assume the changes that will be made by Porsche on the engine of the Cayman or the Boxster but for sure that powerplant of the new vehicles will carry over the features of the flat-six range with minimal upgrades.

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  • 13Jun
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    I know everyone likes the Hummer Limos and the Escalades – but this really is something else, isn’t it? Want a TRUE luxury limo? Go for one of these Porsche Cayenne Limos!

    Porsche Cayenne Limo

    Thanks to the Limo Tycoon Blog!

  • 08Jun

    Porsche is looking at the possibilities of seeking out for outside investors amid the negotiationsFPorsche VW of a merger with Volkswagen. The car manufacturer is on a worry-seat of debt amounting to $12 billion. The company may not have an immediate access to VW’s resources but the government of Qatar has shown interest.

    The moves of Porsche are fully backed up by majority of its shareholders but the union at the Volkswagen group is still reviewing the potentials of things to come if the Porsche takeover will push through. The VW end worries that Porsche might interfere with their operations and production especially with the Audi line up which may directly compete with some of the vehicles of Porsche.

    In a recent conference in Russia, the finance minister of Qatar verbally expressed the intention of their government to acquire some stakes in Porsche. The amount of the investment and its details has not been disclosed though.

    Porsche applied for a loan with the government owned bank KfW. The auto maker is asking for a $2.5 billion dollar loan from the federal government and it will primarily be used to manage their debt.

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