• 12Jul

    Porsche develops he platform for a hardened 2010 Porsche Panamera. Car manufacturers want to derive as much car models they can make from a platform so they can rake back the initial investment to produce the car. The figures translates to billions and such move is especially effective for low volume carmakers and for those with smaller budgets.

    The current line up of Panamera is topped by the Panamera Turbo, AWD Panamera, Panamera S, and the standard variant Panamera. All run on a V8 4.8 L which can be turbocharged or naturally aspirated.

    Porsche Panamera GTS

    By 2010, Porsche will release to the market the V6 entry level model and the hybrid Panamera which runs on petrol-electric systems. There is also a possibility for a Cabrio two-door model.

    The hybrid Panamera will team up with the current SUV prototype Cayenne in answering the market’s need for a more environment-friendly Porsche. The Panamera Cabrio is also in the works. The Cabrio will be released with a V8 and V6 variants.

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  • 01Jul
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    In the past few months, the car industry has celebrated a number of anniversaries. But today’s anniversary is probably one of the most significant anniversaries of the industry. Today, we celebrate the production of the “people’s car” that has become an icon for almost 75 years. We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Volkswagen.

    Volkswagen, known later as the Beetle, holds a rich and complex history that could not be summed up in a few paragraphs. But the most important date, perhaps, is June 22, 1934 when Porsche was given the go signal by the Association of the German Reich of the Automotive Industry to manufacture the Volkswagen.

    The first Volkswagen made for the civilian use began its continuous production in the summer of 1945. It was given the name ‘VW Käfer’, and sometimes called the VW Beetle. We all have known that in the later years that followed, the Volkswagen did not only become a popular car, but also an icon in the car industry.

    Porsche Celebrates Beetle VW 75 Years

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  • 01Jul

    Super fast, performance cars and electric engines may or may not be a good idea for some. If everyone smiles at a TeslaPorsche 911 or drools at the blazing Formula 1 cars, a Porsche 911 that is all electric will definitely be a welcome sight. There is a loud buzz that the Wolfgang Durheimer of Porsche is giving clues that it will be producing the EV.

    Despite the hints, the group did not disclose any formal plans with regard to the production of the electric Porsche 911. While they are on the discussion table, RUF is already talking about the production of an EV derived from 911 Cabrio tagged as the Greenster.

    Durheimer recognizes the efforts of RUF but looks into the issues of the weight of the car, its performance, handling, and cargo room. The Porsche finesse in terms of the torque, traction, and instant response may still have to be tweaked.

    The Greenster in fact is a bit on the heavy side at 3,750lbs. The engine is quite powerful at 362 hp and can zoom to 100km/hr or 62mph in 5 seconds. Greenster’s top speed was recorded at 320 km/hr. Still, the numbers fall short of the Porsche 911 expectations.

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