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    Luxury car marque Porsche is very careful in terms of handling information about the 918 Spyder they are currently developing. New details though are starting to seep out the internet.

    Porsche recently confirmed that the 918 Spyder will be unwrapped for the first time at the 2013 auto show in Frankfurt. There will also be key changes on the car veering away from its concept vehicle form as revealed thru Porsche’s Christoporus Magazine.

    Some are speculating that the major changes might be done with its engine. It might still be a V8 but upgrade it from 3.4L to a more powerful 4.6L.. The new powerplant might make use of new technologies like central injectors near the spark plugs, design of the oil feed for the crankshaft, lightweight pistons, variable -pressure oil pump among others.

    The 918 Spyder is expected to give out 550 horsepower which is around 50 hp more than the concept. It might also lose one of its electric motors but what will remain is still enough to produce 230 hp which gives the car a combined total output of 730 horsepower.

    The production version will be longer by 5.8 inches and 0.5 inch wider than the concept car. It will tip the scale below the 3,700 mark.

    The report added that the deliveries will also start after the unveiling in Frankfurt but with that late into 2013, we are pretty sure buyers will get their new Porsche by 2014. The order book can still accommodate your name but be ready to burn a big hole in your bank account as the tag price might hit $845,000.

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