• 12Nov

    Porsche Roadster Concept sideThe rumor mill of the car industry has been generating some buzz for around a year now about the entry-level roadster from Porsche which may be based on the platform of the Bluesport Roadster in collaboration with Volkswagen. The move makes a lot of sense since Porsche has been focusing on pure sports cars like the Panamera and the Cayenne.

    The car can is a welcome development for most consumers with only the sports car elitists raising their arms in objection. Sports car lovers would love the balanced and easy to drive rear or mid engine sports car. The affordable price tag will satisfy those who want to get their hands behind a Porsche steering wheel without draining their savings account.

    The sub-Boxster model might be the rebirth of the 356 which rocketed Porsche to the sports car scene. The collaborative platform will share elements with the Audi R4 and the Volkswagen Bluesport. The three cars will share elements to produce the new Porsche roadster.

    The R4 from Audi is expected to hit the market by 2011 so the new Porsche car might come a year after if everything on the development side goes smoothly. The powerplant is expected to have a displacement of 1.9L with a supercharger or mild turbocharging to have an output of around 250 horsepower.

    The reborn 356 is expected to get a new treatment for its interiors and exteriors to distinguish it from the other siblings in the Porsche garage.

    According to experts, the lightweight car may rival the performance of the Lotus Exige with a less stiff price tag in the United States. The Porsche Boxster and its S variant is priced near the line of the Lotus Exige and Elise but their heavier poundage and more horsepower placed them on a different class.

    This information came from a reliable source but a lot of things can still happen before 2012 since Porsche is on soft grounds in terms of finances.

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  • Juan Says:

    That car looks an awful lot like the VW BlueSport Concept car. You also tell that it isn’t Porsche, because it lacks Porsche’s design.

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