• 17Mar

    Patent drawings of a possible attempt of Porsche to introduce a 4-door convertible Panamera is all over the internet. The drawings show that the architecture has a permanent section of central roofing.

    Porsche insiders recently commented that the plan for the 4-door convertible has been cancelled but the paper trail for patent applications in the United States point in the other direction.

    The design reveals that the new car using a 4-door configuration will need some stiffening on the Panamera’s bulkhead and floorpan so that sufficient integrity and rigidity of the structure can be achieved.

    Porsche Panamera Convertible Drawings

    It will be quite a bold move to bring a four-door convertible to the showrooms. It will be a more daring step than rolling out the usual two-door top down, but it will be giving Porsche an advantage in having unique points to sell to consumers.

    Retaining the 4-door architecture gives the convertible the same space of the interiors as in the saloon. The boot will somehow be compromised by the roof. Looking at the design of the four-door Panamera, it seems that the car will be sporting a fabric roof.

    Other car manufacturers have also considered producing 4-door convertibles but the additional weights to provide the required structure stiffening remain to be the stumbling blocks.

    We still don’t know if this Panamera convertible will ever go into production. Check out the drawings and the renderings that we have here.

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