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    The Porsche brand has always been equated to petrol engines under the hoods of its stylish road machines. Never in its 60 year history run a car with a diesel engine. porsche cayenneThat is destined to change in February 2009 when it starts selling the Cayenne off-roader with diesel engines in Europe.

    The opportunity of producing diesel engines came when Porsche took part in the operations of the Volkswagen Group, the latter being known as the biggest producer of modern diesel locomotives. Technologies from VW subordinates like Lamborghini and Audi also open a lot of possibilities.

    porsche cayenne diesel engine

    The initiative was also taken in response to the changing tides of regulations in the European markets which are slowly opening to tax incentives for automobiles with diesel engines.

    The reputation of the Porsche Cayenne as a petrol gulper will change when it starts running on the Audi V6 3.0L- engine that has a fuel rating of 25 mpg. The diesel power plant can output 240 brute horsepower with a maximum torque of 405 lb-ft. The emission of CO2 for the diesel Cayenne is well within the European limits at 244g/km.

    The Cayenne Diesel does not differ in anyway to the gasoline predecessor in terms of exterior and interior features. It will be launched in the European Market in February 2009 and with the buzz of introducing it to the Australian market by April of next year. The India release has no definite date as of press time.

    The Porsche Cayenne has a sticker of around €56,000 and will have to compete with Audi Motors’ Q7 Diesel in the superluxury-SUV market segment.

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