• 26May

    Porsche Panamera amazes the autoworld with some of its innovative technologies prior to its unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show April of 2009.

    According to the Stuttgart, Germany-based manufacturer, the Panamera is built for total performance and maximum efficiency. The designers boast of Panamera as the first car with an automatic double clutch transmission that is coupled with an engine that has a Start/Stop system.

    The start/stop system adds to the fuel efficiency of the Panamera as it turns off the engine when its power is not needed, like when waiting for a green light. Aside from this benefit, the technology also helps in lowering its emissions.

    The engine of the Porsche Panamera is also equipped with the very efficient Direct Fuel Injection technology. All Porsche Panamera due for release in the United States in October 2009 comes with a PDK gearbox which makes it more fuel efficient.

    The wheels of the Panamera are also designed to have lesser rolling resistance. The brakes are also engineered to have minimum residual brake forces.

    The Panamera only uses up 10.8 L of fuel for every 100 kilometers or 26 mpg imp. That’s not AWESOME fuel efficiency, but that’s good for a Porsche.

    The car on its Panamer Turbo release comes with a rear spoiler that is adjustable in a multi-stage setting. The four-way spoiler is activated depending on the driving condition and employs excellent surface geometry and precision control of the angles.

    The body of the Panamera consists of different steel grades, alloys like magnesium and aluminum, and plastics. This ideal architecture gives the Panamera S only weighs around 1800 kilograms.

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