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    porsche-50yearsThe Porsche 911 has been the heart and soul of the brand since its birth 50 years ago. The beloved sports car has been an inspiration to generations of car enthusiasts. In celebration of its golden anniversary, the car manufacturer released a gallery of photos that covers the birth of the 911 in 1963 to the newest generation 991.

    So far the 911 has gone through seven generations of redesign and releases. Every time the 911 returns to the design table, Porsche makes sure that the front fenders, side windows, and the roofline will be the main focal points. For the interior, some elements stayed the same through the decades including the position of the ignition key on the left side of the steering column and the layout of the instrument cluster using five gauges.

    In line with its celebration, Porsche will be hosting a good variety of events in honor of the 911 that kicks off with the Retro Classics car show in Germany. Early this March, the car company’s museum will feature four exhibits that will put spotlight on Type 754 T7 that served as the pre-series vehicle usign the chassis design by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, a 1997 released 911 GT1 street version, a 1981 911 Cabriolet concept, and a 911 Turbo Coupe during the early days of the model.

    The German car manufacturer will also send out a 1967 Porsche 911 to different corners of the globe on a tour. This vintage will go to different continents and will visit places like Australia, Paris, UK, Shanghai, and California. The vintage Porsche 911 will be the ambassador of the brand and will grace international auto shows, motor sporting events, and historical rallies.

    The museum of Porsche will also run a special exhibit from June to end of September that will show fans from all over the development and the history of the 911. Come spring, the publishing house of the Porsche Museum will be releasing a book aptly titled, 911×911.

    The first Porsche 911 rolled out in 1963 followed by the G-Series (1973), the 964 (1988), the 993 (1993), the 996 (1997), the 997 (2004), and the 991 (2011).

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