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    Porsche has its eyes on returning to the 24 Hours of Le Mans where it is considered as the winningest marque. Porsche will be entering the toughest competition of the Le Mans Prototype Class 1 by 2014.

    The German carmaker has maintained its strong presence in the GT class of the classic endurance race for modified sports cars but the brand has not fielded cars to vie for top honors since back in 1998. when Laurent Aiello, Allan McNish, and Stephane Ortelli were behind the wheels of a 911 GT1 for the win. It was Posche’s 16th win out of the 29 years of Le Mans with the first win they bagged in 1970. Audi has won 10 out of the last twelve years.

    Porsche has not released any details yet with regard to their plans. The Division 1 at Le Mans has been ruled in the last six years by cars running on diesel .

    Audi changed the game by entering with an R10 powered by a turbodiesel powerplant and they have grabbed the victory in the last two outings at the 24 Hours of Le mans using their R15 and their R18 models. Peugueot also won using their diesel powered 908 back in 2009.

    Porsche thru Penske Racing fielded their RS Spyder in 2005 and dominated the race not only on the LMP2 prototype category but also for the Division 1. During the first season of the car, it topped six races in the LMP2 and also one victory overall. In 2007, the Spyder took home eight class victories outmaneuvering the other cars of the LMP1 except for the Audi’s.

    Penske stopped joining the competition after their 2008 run during which the new rules affecting the output of their V8 3.4L gasoline engine went into effect.

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