• 09Mar
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    Porsche has finally uncovered the 2011 Cayenne S Hybrid after three years of waiting. The 2010 Geneva Motor Show plays host to the redesigned crossover while the auto show in New York this coming April will be its North American debut.

    The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is about 400 pounds lighter than its older sibling which ruled between 2003 and 2010. It also boasts of better fuel mileage.

    Unlike the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid which shares the platform with the Cayenne, Porsche decides to keep the V-8 options for its engines. The entry level Cayenne will have a V-6 3.6L that can give out 300 horsepower coupled with a triptonic automatic gearbox.

    The S Hybrid is packed with 333 hp drawn from supercharged 3.0L V6 coupled with a 47 hp electric motor. Combine the two and you will have an impressive 427 ft lb of torque at 1,000 rpm. Talk about power which can make the S Hybrid king of stoplight racing.

    The top of the line Cayenne S will sport the V8. One can give out 400 hp while the Cayenne Turbo can output 500 hp. Though more powerful, these two versions are 23% more fuel efficient than the older Cayenne.

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  • 13Jun
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    I know everyone likes the Hummer Limos and the Escalades – but this really is something else, isn’t it? Want a TRUE luxury limo? Go for one of these Porsche Cayenne Limos!

    Porsche Cayenne Limo

    Thanks to the Limo Tycoon Blog!

  • 24Apr

    Porsche has unveiled more of vital specification for the Cayenne S Hybrid that will be released on the year 2010.

    The car manufacturer is planning to apply a parallel electric motor that is capable of revving the SUV to speed the road up to an amazing 86 miles per hour with just its engine, without the aid of stepping onto the gasoline. Now that is a lot faster than the forthcoming third-generation Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Prius. These two leads the rest of the known speedometer giants that can be driven with an electric power alone.

    Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

    But as to compare with those models, the Cayenne S Hybrid cannot actually speed up to that rate without the use of the two engines. But, don’t fret, for this makes Cayenne S Hybrid an advantage in some certain situations, like in jam-packed traffic.

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  • 05Apr

    Porsche adds a little bit of spice to its line of SUVs as it releases the Design Edition 3 of the Cayenne GTS. The makeover of the Cayenne GTS follows the redesigning of its siblings Porsche Cayman S and the Boxster S Design.

    The pimping stars with some gray stripes painted over the metallic lava grey paint of the hood and another stripe gracing the lower portion of the doors. The aerodynamics of the SUV was perked up with a rear spoiler featuring a double wing design. The Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3 rides on 21” of SportsPlus rims.

    Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3
    Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3

    The interiors also gives additional classy tastes as the red stitches contrasts the black leathers of the seats, door panels, and dash board. The Porsche Design Edition 3 logo is also all over the place: glove compartment, tachometer, and front door plates.

    Driving comfort is ensured with the adjustable seats that has comfort memory features. A great sound system from Bose ensures perfect entertainment for the occupants.

    Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3
    Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3

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  • 02Jan

    The Porsche brand has always been equated to petrol engines under the hoods of its stylish road machines. Never in its 60 year history run a car with a diesel engine. porsche cayenneThat is destined to change in February 2009 when it starts selling the Cayenne off-roader with diesel engines in Europe.

    The opportunity of producing diesel engines came when Porsche took part in the operations of the Volkswagen Group, the latter being known as the biggest producer of modern diesel locomotives. Technologies from VW subordinates like Lamborghini and Audi also open a lot of possibilities.

    porsche cayenne diesel engine

    The initiative was also taken in response to the changing tides of regulations in the European markets which are slowly opening to tax incentives for automobiles with diesel engines.

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