• 31Aug

    This guy:

    1. Can’t drive.
    2. Has no common sense.
    3. Crashes his OWN car.
    4. Decides to switch into a GOLF. I mean why get into a GOLF? It’s SLOW!
    5. Makes us Porsche drivers look bad.

    The GT3 is an awesome car — I love it — but these kind of drivers make me absolutely sick. If you get caught speeding: stop. Pay the fine. You drive a GT3, you can pay up. No biggie.

    YouTube Preview Image

    The cop car driver did good. ;)

  • 30Aug

    Porsche is about so much more than the track speed — so much more than just the looks –so much more than the Porsche logo… It’s about emotions, dreams of ambitious children and youngsters and the love of extraordinary engineering.

    Enjoy this beautiful Porsche commercial…

    YouTube Preview Image