• 05Jun
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    The blog of car designer Jon Sibal features a story about the new racecar Panamera S made by Porsche Racing and N. Tehcnology which they have been constructing since Februrary.

    The Porsche racecar makes use of a space frame made from aluminum to keep the weight down to about 1,320 kilograms which is 550 kg lighter than the stock version of the Panamera. The car will be fitted with a V8 4.8L powerplant that gives out 450 horsepower which is 50hp better than what the Panamera S can do but 50 hp lower than its Turbo variant.

    Porsche Panamera Racecar

    The powerful engine is paired up with a six speed gearbox. The aerodynamic setup includes installation of the rear wing, widened fenders for front and back, and front splitter. The suspensions makes use of double wishbone for the front with adjustable dampers and 4-rod multilink with adjustable dampers for the rear.

    The car is being designed by the engineers to meet the regulations for the Superstar Racing Series that is based in Italy. The racecar had its first taste of the track last May as it prepares for its first race this coming June 13 in Hockenheim, Germany.

    Fabriozo Giovanardi will be the designated driver for the N. Technology. Giovanardi has 8 titles under his belt for conquering different touring championships including the back to back win at the British Touring Car Championship in 2007 and in 2008; and also the European Touring Car Championship in 2002.

    Photo courtesy of jonsibal

  • 17Mar

    Patent drawings of a possible attempt of Porsche to introduce a 4-door convertible Panamera is all over the internet. The drawings show that the architecture has a permanent section of central roofing.

    Porsche insiders recently commented that the plan for the 4-door convertible has been cancelled but the paper trail for patent applications in the United States point in the other direction.

    The design reveals that the new car using a 4-door configuration will need some stiffening on the Panamera’s bulkhead and floorpan so that sufficient integrity and rigidity of the structure can be achieved.

    Porsche Panamera Convertible Drawings

    It will be quite a bold move to bring a four-door convertible to the showrooms. It will be a more daring step than rolling out the usual two-door top down, but it will be giving Porsche an advantage in having unique points to sell to consumers.

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  • 09Mar
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    Porsche has finally uncovered the 2011 Cayenne S Hybrid after three years of waiting. The 2010 Geneva Motor Show plays host to the redesigned crossover while the auto show in New York this coming April will be its North American debut.

    The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is about 400 pounds lighter than its older sibling which ruled between 2003 and 2010. It also boasts of better fuel mileage.

    Unlike the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid which shares the platform with the Cayenne, Porsche decides to keep the V-8 options for its engines. The entry level Cayenne will have a V-6 3.6L that can give out 300 horsepower coupled with a triptonic automatic gearbox.

    The S Hybrid is packed with 333 hp drawn from supercharged 3.0L V6 coupled with a 47 hp electric motor. Combine the two and you will have an impressive 427 ft lb of torque at 1,000 rpm. Talk about power which can make the S Hybrid king of stoplight racing.

    The top of the line Cayenne S will sport the V8. One can give out 400 hp while the Cayenne Turbo can output 500 hp. Though more powerful, these two versions are 23% more fuel efficient than the older Cayenne.

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  • 11Feb
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    From the ribs of the facelifted Porsche 911 Turbo comes an even hotter 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S. The 911 Turbo S will be taking the spotlight during the Geneva Motor Show this March. It will be in showrooms by the second half of 2010.

    The 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S is engineered for drivers who want the best out of their engines in terms of driving dynamics and power. The new member of the Porsche garage boasts of 530 horsepower and a monstrous torque of 516 pound-feet. The car also comes with the 7 speed PDK dual clutch transmission.

    All the high-tech upgrades you can get for the 911 Tubro comes as standard for the Turbo S version. Aside from the all-wheel drive system and PDK transmission, the 911 Turbo S has dynamic engine mounts and mechanical differential equipped torque vectoring system.

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  • 24Jan

    The world is undergoing a serious financial crisis. The car industry has not been spared as evident in the recent revelation that even luxury carmaker Porsche has experienced a decrease in sales. Porsche officially revealed in statement that they have been having a hard time keeping up their sales since March. Also earlier this year, they have already experienced 27% decrease in their sales.

    Among the wide array of Porsche models, the Boxster was hit by nearly 60% decrease in sales despite the fact that it has been remodeled recently.

    In order to remedy the damage and improve sales, Porsche is planning to make a cheaper base model for the Boxster. If the reports push through, new Boxster would get the same Audi TTS engine.

    2010 Porsche Boxster Facelift

    The existing Boxster model carries a six-cylinder engine with 255hp and 213lb-ft of torque. If the Audi TT(R)S engine finds its way into the new base Boxster, it would give an extra 20hp and another 44lb-ft of torque. It would also give the new Boxster a cheaper price tag.

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  • 23Jan
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    The Porsche 911 model lives up to the Porsche name very well, and are an excellent choice for rental in Las Vegas. If you make the decision to rent a Porsche 911 for your trip to Vegas, you won’t be disappointed. This vehicle handles like a dream, and feels like one too. You’re sure to be the envy of the town, even by this city’s high standards. This power-house of engineering can sustain speeds up to 200 miles per hour – exceptional, even for a sports car. Its ability to do this while maintaining a smooth, comfortable ride is unparalleled and goes to show what a great design this vehicle is.

    Porsche 911 Turbo Back

    You don’t want to spend your vacation riding around Las Vegas in your family car, getting stared at by onlookers, for the wrong reasons. Show off, in style, by renting a Porsche 911 and let Las Vegas stop, and take notice. When cruise around the city in this baby, time almost waits for you. Passers-by stop what they’re Las Vegasdoing to get a closer look and you may get waved at by people you don’t even recognize – everyone wants to know a celebrity, and the Porsche 911 makes you feel like one!

    On top of the obvious cosmetic attractions of this vehicle, it excels in the area of comfort as well. You would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable vehicle that can go this fast, and still looks fantastic, inside and out. Just be careful not to fall asleep at the wheel in the cosy, relaxing interior that makes even your bed seem hard. Riding around in this speed machine is nothing short of a fantasy, that you can make a reality, when you rent a Porsche 911.

    You’re already going to Vegas. Don’t ride around in your little hatchback, or family sedan. Even if you have a nice SUV, remember, celebrities frequent Las Vegas – so you still won’t blend in without a neat sports car. Now you can just rent one and be a celebrity for your vacation – or at least look, feel, and live like one! Just don’t forget to bring it back when you’re done…it’ll be there when you go back to Vegas again, waiting for you. Make renting the beautiful Porsche 911 an integral part of your holiday, or business, plan for Las Vegas!

    Some more specific pages: check out a beautiful Porsche 911 GT3 Rent in Las Vegas and the Porsche 911 Turbo Car Rental in Las Vegas.

  • 12Nov

    Porsche Roadster Concept sideThe rumor mill of the car industry has been generating some buzz for around a year now about the entry-level roadster from Porsche which may be based on the platform of the Bluesport Roadster in collaboration with Volkswagen. The move makes a lot of sense since Porsche has been focusing on pure sports cars like the Panamera and the Cayenne.

    The car can is a welcome development for most consumers with only the sports car elitists raising their arms in objection. Sports car lovers would love the balanced and easy to drive rear or mid engine sports car. The affordable price tag will satisfy those who want to get their hands behind a Porsche steering wheel without draining their savings account.

    The sub-Boxster model might be the rebirth of the 356 which rocketed Porsche to the sports car scene. The collaborative platform will share elements with the Audi R4 and the Volkswagen Bluesport. The three cars will share elements to produce the new Porsche roadster.

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  • 07Aug

    Offers for the resignation of Wendelin Wiedeking as Porsche CEO might be as high as $141 million so the Volkswagen merger may push through. This is according to an earlier report by a German newspaper.

    The chief of the union of Porsche Uwe Hueck clarifies that no decision has been made if Wedeking will be replaced by Michael Macht who served as the past production chief of the car maker.

    The payoff has been generating a loud buzz around the auto industry but it has not been confirmed that such a deal will push through. The CEO has been under the microscope for allowing the holding company to accumulate debts of approximately $12.7 billion while attempting to takeover VW.

    Wendelin Wiedeking

    Wendelin Wiedeking

    Wiedeking also opposed the plans of VW to take a 50% stake at Porsche to ease the company of its financial burdens.

    The CEO has been the top man for Porsche since 1993 and has transformed the company from its laggard state to a profitable one until the recent financial crisis.

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  • 12Jul

    Porsche develops he platform for a hardened 2010 Porsche Panamera. Car manufacturers want to derive as much car models they can make from a platform so they can rake back the initial investment to produce the car. The figures translates to billions and such move is especially effective for low volume carmakers and for those with smaller budgets.

    The current line up of Panamera is topped by the Panamera Turbo, AWD Panamera, Panamera S, and the standard variant Panamera. All run on a V8 4.8 L which can be turbocharged or naturally aspirated.

    Porsche Panamera GTS

    By 2010, Porsche will release to the market the V6 entry level model and the hybrid Panamera which runs on petrol-electric systems. There is also a possibility for a Cabrio two-door model.

    The hybrid Panamera will team up with the current SUV prototype Cayenne in answering the market’s need for a more environment-friendly Porsche. The Panamera Cabrio is also in the works. The Cabrio will be released with a V8 and V6 variants.

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  • 01Jul
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    In the past few months, the car industry has celebrated a number of anniversaries. But today’s anniversary is probably one of the most significant anniversaries of the industry. Today, we celebrate the production of the “people’s car” that has become an icon for almost 75 years. We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Volkswagen.

    Volkswagen, known later as the Beetle, holds a rich and complex history that could not be summed up in a few paragraphs. But the most important date, perhaps, is June 22, 1934 when Porsche was given the go signal by the Association of the German Reich of the Automotive Industry to manufacture the Volkswagen.

    The first Volkswagen made for the civilian use began its continuous production in the summer of 1945. It was given the name ‘VW Käfer’, and sometimes called the VW Beetle. We all have known that in the later years that followed, the Volkswagen did not only become a popular car, but also an icon in the car industry.

    Porsche Celebrates Beetle VW 75 Years

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