• Porsche or Porsche AG is a German manufacturer of automobiles. It was Ferdinand Porsche, an Austro-Hungarian engineer who laid the foundation stones for the world famous Porsche series of cars.

    The Company that Ferdinand Porsche started did not build any cars of its own in the initial stages but offered motor vehicle development work and consulting. The Porsche 64, the first of Porsche series was built on several components from the Beetle. The first series of the models of Porsche 365 was built by Ferdinand’s son, Ferry Porsche. This was the beginning of the modern Porsche Company. The Porsche 365 Roadster was a success and it paved the way for the legendary model, the Porsche 911. The 911 series is the most enduring of the Porsche models and is still in production and use. Then came the Boxster series and the Cayenne SUV series.

    Porsche has made a mark of its own in the auto racing field with victories amounting to 28,000 or more. At present, Porsche is the largest race car manufacturer in the world. Porsche built around 195 race cars in 2006 and in 2007; the number went up to 275 and the production keeps on going higher and higher.

    The workmanship and ingenuity of Porsche is recognized not only by its admirers and dealers but also by several other car manufacturers who seek the Company’s assistance in the development of their products and services. Subaru, Daewoo, Harley-Davidson are some companies which have sought the assistance of Porsche in designing and developing car models and engine engineering.

    Porsche brings about a progressive change and development in the engineering and specifications of its cars through the opportunities and experiences in the racing field. The novelty, reputation and quality of Porsche cars have made a number of famous personalities its admirers and collectors. To own a Porsche is a pride in itself.