• Porsche, the biggest manufacturer of race cars has sustained its presence in various motor sports like races and rallies. Porsche has sustained its stamina in racing for more than 50 years. GT Racing is one of the sports events where Porsche emerges markedly successful and competitive.

    GT Racing or Grand Touring Racing is one of the popular sports events which is found all over the world both at the national level and international level. In the 1980’s, GT Racing fell into abeyance but regained its vigor after the fall of the World Sports Car Championship in the 1990’s.

    GT Racing enjoys a high priority in the history of Porsche. Porsche formed a support system for its professional race teams in North America in the 1980’s. It stands unrivalled till date by any other manufacturer. Porsche Motorsport was revolutionized by Al Holbert, the pioneer and later by his successor, Alwin Springer. Porsche shared its facility with ANDIAL in Santa Ana for a certain period and supported the declining GT Racing. But with the resurgence of GT Racing in the 1990’s and numerous victories in GT2 and GT3 class by privateers, Porsche realized the need to establish itself as an independent entity to support the GT teams.

    porsche gt racing

    Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) was established in Santa Ana in 1997 with the aim of providing customer support in GT racing. Thanks to its new programs devoted to vintage racing, PMNA soon became the unmatched Porsche support organization in North America and continues its success in the line even today.

    Porsche’s race cars proudly stands in the racing history with 14 marques and team championships, nine sports car drivers’ world titles and uncountable victories. This tradition of victories is still continued by Porsche. In 2005, Porsche RS Spyder prototype made history in the American Le mans Series.