• 26Jun
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    caymanA few months after the release of the new range of Cayman and Boxster, engineers from Porsche are already running a test mule of the next generation of Porsche Boxster and Cayman which is due for release before the end of 2011.

    The production goal is set to coincide with the end of contract between Porsche and Valmet Automotive of Finland so the new models of the range will be delivered under an agreement with the Austrian firm Magna Steyr.

    The bigger wheel arches of the sheet metal gives out a hint that the Porsche Cayman may be using another platform suggesting of a wider track. Looking forward, the new car will be bigger than the current version with improvements on its dynamics and handling.

    The test car is in the early stage of development with the roll-cage still very evident from the spy photos. It might be too early to assume the changes that will be made by Porsche on the engine of the Cayman or the Boxster but for sure that powerplant of the new vehicles will carry over the features of the flat-six range with minimal upgrades.

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  • 26May

    Porsche Panamera amazes the autoworld with some of its innovative technologies prior to its unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show April of 2009.

    According to the Stuttgart, Germany-based manufacturer, the Panamera is built for total performance and maximum efficiency. The designers boast of Panamera as the first car with an automatic double clutch transmission that is coupled with an engine that has a Start/Stop system.

    The start/stop system adds to the fuel efficiency of the Panamera as it turns off the engine when its power is not needed, like when waiting for a green light. Aside from this benefit, the technology also helps in lowering its emissions.

    The engine of the Porsche Panamera is also equipped with the very efficient Direct Fuel Injection technology. All Porsche Panamera due for release in the United States in October 2009 comes with a PDK gearbox which makes it more fuel efficient.

    The wheels of the Panamera are also designed to have lesser rolling resistance. The brakes are also engineered to have minimum residual brake forces.

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