• 05Jun
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    The blog of car designer Jon Sibal features a story about the new racecar Panamera S made by Porsche Racing and N. Tehcnology which they have been constructing since Februrary.

    The Porsche racecar makes use of a space frame made from aluminum to keep the weight down to about 1,320 kilograms which is 550 kg lighter than the stock version of the Panamera. The car will be fitted with a V8 4.8L powerplant that gives out 450 horsepower which is 50hp better than what the Panamera S can do but 50 hp lower than its Turbo variant.

    Porsche Panamera Racecar

    The powerful engine is paired up with a six speed gearbox. The aerodynamic setup includes installation of the rear wing, widened fenders for front and back, and front splitter. The suspensions makes use of double wishbone for the front with adjustable dampers and 4-rod multilink with adjustable dampers for the rear.

    The car is being designed by the engineers to meet the regulations for the Superstar Racing Series that is based in Italy. The racecar had its first taste of the track last May as it prepares for its first race this coming June 13 in Hockenheim, Germany.

    Fabriozo Giovanardi will be the designated driver for the N. Technology. Giovanardi has 8 titles under his belt for conquering different touring championships including the back to back win at the British Touring Car Championship in 2007 and in 2008; and also the European Touring Car Championship in 2002.

    Photo courtesy of jonsibal