• Porsche is one of the brands that is popular with almost all types of people, youngsters, middle-aged, car enthusiasts and car race professionals. But not all can afford to buy a brand new Porsche model. For the unfortunate who cannot afford to buy a brand new Porsche, a pre-owned Porsche comes as a consolation.

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    A Porsche approved vehicle is a grade given to pre-owned Porsches which meet the high quality standards of Porsche. A Porsche approved vehicle is entirely different from a conventionally pre-owned vehicle. The salient features of a Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle are:

    • A 100+ point inspection of mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the pre-owned vehicle by factory trained technicians
      This inspection is actually an obligatory and quality demanding test for Porsche approved certificate to ascertain the technical and visual condition of the vehicle. If the pre-owned Porsche passes this test, it means that it is in perfect condition
    • Repairs in line with the Porsche quality criteria
      under this program of Porsche approved certificate, after the inspection of the vehicle, all necessary repairs are undertaken to make the pre-owned Porsche equal to a brand new one in quality. This assures maximum value for the money spent to buy a pre-owned Porsche.
    • A comprehensive warranty
      A Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle comes with a comprehensive warranty. It offers 100% cover for all material and labor costs. This means that a Porsche customer of Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle will never have to pay an excess for his vehicle repairs.
    • Porsche Roadside Assistance
      If Porsche approved certificate is a blessing to the pre-owned Porsche customer, then the Porsche Roadside Assistance that comes along with it, is a boon to him.

    A Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle can be purchased from any Porsche dealer. With a Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle, you can enjoy quality, safety, stability of value and driving pleasure. So when you think about buying a pre-owned Porsche, think of Porsche approved pre-owned vehicle.